Jones, S., Kirby, B., & Warner, W. (2021). The role of NFA Camps in agricultural education for rural African American boys in North Carolina. Journal of Agricultural Education, 62(1), 276-290.

The New Farmers of America (NFA) was a national organization existing from 1934 to 1965 when
it merged with the National Future Farmers of America (FFA) Organization. S. B. Simmons, a
leader in agricultural education throughout African American public schools, and early founder of
the NFA, worked diligently to provide a place for rural African American boys to develop
leadership, citizenship, sportsmanship, and moral values. This place existed in the form of a North
Carolina NFA camp. Established in 1953, the North Carolina NFA Camp, located in Onslow
County, saw boys from across the state for a week-long experience. The benefits of the camp
branched further than simply learning to start a campfire or host a cookout. Later dedicated the S.
B. Simmons Camp, rural African American boys benefited from leadership classes, recreational
activities, and even public speaking opportunities to further develop themselves. Although no
longer in existence, the morals imprinted in students at the S. B. Simmons Camp are ever apparent
today at the remaining North Carolina FFA camp and throughout the National FFA Organization.

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