Smith, H., Blackburn, J., Stair, K., & Burnett, M. (2019). Determining the effects of the smartphone as a learning tool on the motivation of school-based agricultural education students in Louisiana. Journal of Agricultural Education, 60(3), 141-154. doi:10.5032/jae.2019.03141

The smartphone is perhaps the most influential device in modern society. Research has indicated students perceived that using smartphones in the classroom aided learning. However, most American high schools ban students from using phones in the classroom. Previous research supports the idea that advanced smartphone applications in student- centered learning environments can improve achievement and motivation. Currently, there is little in the agricultural education literature pertaining to smartphone enhanced learning among secondary agriculture students. This study compared motivational differences between non-equivalent comparison groups. Secondary agricultural students from 13 schools across Louisiana completed the Course Interest Survey to measure motivation during a forestry unit. Data were analyzed using Hierarchical Linear Modeling. The analysis rendered no statistically significant differences between the groups in motivation. It was concluded that smartphones do not reduce motivation and should be considered in agricultural education classrooms where policy permits.

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