Congratulations on having an article accepted in the Journal of Agricultural Education. Please follow these guidelines and those of the APA 7th edition ( when preparing the final version of your manuscript in order for it to be accepted in a timely manner.

General Formatting Instructions

  1. Remove line numbering.
  2. Change line spacing from double-space to “justified” single-space.
  3. Insert author names immediately following the title on the first page and place the author biography after this. Add author contact info for all authors in the format of:

John Jones is a Professor of Agricultural Education in the Department of Agricultural Education at the University of Missouri, 122 Gentry Hall, Columbia, MO 65211, (insert email address here).

  1. Follow with the abstract and insert keywords immediately following the abstract. Use a semicolon between the words, not a comma. Use the following format:

Keywords: teacher efficacy; self-efficacy; agricultural education; preservice teachers; student teachers

Following the keywords is the author note. As per APA specifications, the author note now includes more information, such as ORCID iDs, disclosure of conflicts of interest or lack thereof, and study registration information.

  1. Change layout of margins to: top = 1.0 inch, bottom = 1.0 inch, left = 1.25 inch, right = 1.25 inch.
  2. Indent the first line of each paragraph by .5 and do not use automatic spacing before or after lines and paragraphs. These should be set to 0 under line spacing options.
  3. Change all text to Times New Roman, 11pt font. No subtitles, figures, or tables should have a different font.
  4. The APA 7th edition has changed levels 3, 4, and 5 in heading format; please follow the new guidelines.
  5. Leave the manuscript in a single column.
  6. Remove any page numbers, any headers, and any footers from the document.
  7. If you omitted names for anonymity please now insert the appropriate names.
  8. Please remove all hyperlinks in the text and in the references section.
  9. If you used Endnote software to manage citations and references, you must remove the Endnote formatting before submitting the manuscript.
  10. Any tables should be created in Microsoft Word and figures should be legible and both properly cited in the text.

Editing Specifications

  1. Changes recommended by reviewers should be addressed, especially if the manuscript was accepted "with minor revisions". Include a cover letter that explains the changes you have made. If you do not agree with a recommended change, consult with the editor to determine if a change is needed.
  2. Re-read the manuscript to make sure it closely adheres to APA Publication Manual, 7th Edition style rules. Pay close attention to tables, figures, references, the use of numbers, spellings, grammar, abbreviations, seriation, etc. There have been some notable changes which include:

                                          “They” and “their” is endorsed as a gender-neutral pronoun

                              Changes to in-text citations formatting

                              Figure titles are above figures now

                              Changes to DOI and “Retrieved from” phrasing in references

                              Up to 20 authors may be listed in references for an article          

You will need to review APA guidelines and be sure your manuscript is properly formatted for tables, figures, and references before we can publish your writing. A sample paper for professionals can be found here:


  1. Double check that the citations in the text exactly match the citations in the reference list and that no extraneous references are listed that were not cited in the text.
  2. Include DOI numbers on all applicable references. See changes in APA 7th


The final manuscript should be saved as a Microsoft Word .docx file. Name the file using the last name of the lead author, the manuscript number, and the word final (e.g. Roberts-2010-0350-Final.docx).

The Journal of Agricultural Education Publication Agreement must be signed by all authors. Multiple forms are permitted if needed, but please join multiple pages into a single .pdf document. Name the file using the last name of the lead author, the manuscript number, and the words publication agreement (e.g. Roberts-2010-0350-Publication Agreement.pdf). Submit the final document and the publication agreement in the JAE Fast Track system as additional files under the submission number for the manuscript. The following instructions may be helpful: instruction for submitting final copy of manuscript and related paperwork.

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