Colclasure, B. C., & Thoron, A. C. (2018).  Experimental studies in school-based agricultural education from 2006-2016: A synthesis of the literature in the Journal of Agricultural Education. Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(4), 36-51.


The purpose of this synthesis of literature was to identify and analyze existing research that used experimental or quasi-experimental design in school-based agricultural education. This study utilized published articles in the Journal of Agricultural Education from the years 2006 through 2016. The study identified 35 articles that met the criteria of the investigation. Studies were analyzed and compared based on number of participants and duration. Trends in research constructs were found to be the impact of curriculum design, technology, laboratory approaches, and methods of active learning on student outcomes. Trends in researcher recommendations included extended treatment durations, larger sample sizes, follow-up research addressing long-term knowledge retention, increased teacher training through professional development, and exploring the impact of teaching methods and curriculum design on constructs such as student motivation, interest, and self-efficacy.

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