Blackburn, J. J., Bunch, J.C., & Haynes, J. C. (2017). Assessing the relationship of teacher self-efficacy, job satisfaction, and perception of work-life balance of Louisiana agriculture teachers. Journal of Agricultural Education, 58(1), 14-35.


Agricultural education has faced a national shortage of qualified teachers since 1965. Initiatives, such as NAAE’s TeachAg Campaign, seek to alleviate this shortage through recruitment of new agriculture teachers.  However, turnover in the teaching profession remains a problem, with attrition rates approaching 60% reported in some research studies. Factors such as teacher self-efficacy, job satisfaction, and work-life balance have been reported to influence teachers’ decision whether or not to remain in the profession.  The purpose of this study was to describe Louisiana agriculture teachers’ levels of teacher self-efficacy, job satisfaction, and perception of work-life balance. Overall, teachers reported being efficacious in their chosen career and satisfied with their job.  Additionally, these teachers reported being able to achieve balance in their career and that their family life did not interfere with work.  These teachers were undecided as to whether work interfered with their family.  It is recommended that further research be completed to understand why this and other studies reported teachers to be satisfied and efficacious, yet a high turnover of agriculture teachers exists. Teachers who excel at balancing teaching and their personal lives should be utilized as workshop presenters to assist other teachers in attaining balance.

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