Hurst, S.D., Conner, N.W., Stripling, C.T., Blythe, J., Giorg , A., Rubenstein, E.D., Futrell, A., Jenkins, J. & Roberts, T.G. (2015). An exploration of the formal agricultural education system in Trinidad and Tobago. Journal of Agricultural Education. 56(1), 141-154. doi: 10.5032/jae.2015.01141



A team of nine researchers from the United States spent 10 days exploring the formal agricultural education system in Trinidad and Tobago from primary education through postgraduate education. Data were collected from interviews and observations from students, teachers/instructors, and agricultural producers. The team concluded that (a) the people in Trinidad and Tobago involved in agriculture (teachers, students, and producers) are passionate about agriculture, but believe that the general public demeans agricultural workers and work; (b) Trinidad and Tobago has the capacity to develop a well-trained workforce through a comprehensive agricultural education system that spans from primary education to doctoral instruction, however there was little interaction between the various educational systems; and (c) pedagogical training for agriculture educators at all levels can be improved. Furthermore, conclusions related to nine specific areas of interest are discussed and six recommendations for improving the formal agricultural education system in Trinidad and Tobago are provided. As an exploratory study, the findings and conclusions drawn only begin to shed light on ways to improve human capacity development in Trinidad and Tobago. Thus, future research is warranted to further understand and improve Trinidad and Tobago's human capacity development efforts.

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