Smalley, S.W., Retallick, M.S., & Paulsen, T.H. (2015). Relevance of student teaching skills and activities from the perspective of the student teacher

. Journal of Agricultural Education. 56(1), 73-91. doi: 10.5032/jae.2015.01073



The purpose of this descriptive survey study was to determine the extent to which student teachers deem traditional student teaching skills and activities relevant as part of the capstone student teaching experience. The study population consisted of all (N = 140) fall 2012 and spring 2013 agricultural education student teachers in the North Central Region of the American Association for Agricultural Education (NC-AAAE). The findings shed light on student teachers' perspectives regarding the relevance of student teaching activities. Student teachers considered the activities associated with the eight constructs in this study relevant or very relevant. Future research should determine if all teacher preparation programs require similar student teaching experiences. Little is known about how student teaching experiences are reviewed and how recommendations are handled at each teacher preparation institution. This study provides feedback to university agricultural education student teaching coordinators regarding the skills and activities student teachers believe are relevant to their capstone student teaching experience.

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