Vincent, S.K. & Kirby, A.T. (2015). Words speak louder than action?: A mixed-methods case atudy. Journal of Agricultural Education. 56(1), 32-42. doi: 10.5032/jae.2015.01032



The purpose of this mixed-methods case study was to examine the dynamic of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (Gay, 2010) among nine secondary agriculture teachers in ethnically diverse schools. By reviewing the diversity of student enrollment in the agriculture programs, the participants were separated by two groups: diverse and non-diverse. A hybrid coding system of axial and magnitude allowed an unbiased panel to quantify the comments of each teacher. Results showed a difference in magnitude codes between comments provided by teachers with a diverse student enrollment and teachers with a non-diverse student enrollment. A large difference existed among four of the six characteristics of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP) and a medium difference existed in the latter two. Recommendations toward teacher home visits, implementation of curriculum modifications and diverse community engagement were directed toward the participants and practicing secondary teachers. Additional research and opportunities for CRP among teacher training institutions are also recommended.

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