Volume 43 - Number 1 - 2002 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2002.01057



This study was designed to describe the compilation of doctoral students' knowledge, skill, and abilities as they progressed toward a degree in agricultural education. A census of beginning, middle, and end of program doctoral students at Texas A&M University was conducted. An 85% response rate was achieved. Data for the study were collected by mailed questionnaire and online through the Internet. Study findings showed that as doctoral students progressed toward a degree, their Foundations Knowledge, Applications Knowledge, International Knowledge, Social Skills, Content Skills, Process Skills, Complex Problem-Solving Skills, Systems Skills, Resource Management Skills, Verbal Abilities, Idea Generation and Reasoning Abilities, Auditory and Speech Abilities, Attentiveness Abilities, and Perception Abilities increased. Recommendations for validating and authenticating study findings are provided. This study provides a model for benchmarking competencies and provides a taxonomy from which to study and understand/consider agricultural education competencies.

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