Volume 43 - Number 4 - 2002 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2002.04024



The purpose of this study was to describe student satisfaction with Texas A&M and Texas Tech University's joint Doc-at-a-Distance program. Using qualitative methods, it was found that all 18 students were satisfied with the program for various reasons. The convenience of the program allowed students to maintain their lifestyle while earning an advanced degree. The instructional design, faculty, and cohort group were all very satisfying to the students. Students were dissatisfied with isolation, inaccessible resources and educational materials, lack of an agricultural communications curriculum, registration and technology problems, and amount of time required to complete course requirements. Five students specifically mentioned that technical difficulties were problematic and called for improvements. Students reported they received excellent support from their employers and families. Community support was less important or measurable. Students' recommendations to improve the program included making the technology more user friendly and increased training for managing the technology. It was concluded that student-identified variables for satisfaction and dissatisfaction were consistent with the literature. Although not mentioned in the literature as a variable for satisfaction, convenience of the program was especially important to this cohort.

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