Volume 46 - Number 4 - 2005 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2005.04072



Traditional leadership education instructors provide an interactive setting to promote communication skills, team building, and problem-solving skills. Simultaneously, the use of distance technology is also well documented. However, no specific research studies comparing distance education and traditional delivery methods in the area of leadership education were discovered in the course of this inquiry. Therefore, this study was initiated to begin an investigation of the plausibility of delivering leadership education courses using distance education technology. A case study method was employed and results indicated that in most instances students enrolled in both distance and traditional classes had the same perceptions of their leadership competencies and usage. This study found no significant differences between the traditional students and the Web-based students' scores on any of the five LSI scales, the Leadership Learning Scale, the Leadership Use Scale, or the Leadership Remember Scale. These results suggest that a graduate level academic leadership course can be taught as effectively as a Web-based course.

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