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Volume 56 - Number 1 - 2015
1 Volume 56(1) - Table of Contents
  Barry Croom

2 Do What is Important
  James L. Flowers

3 Does Agricultural Mechanics Laboratory Size Affect Agricultural Education Teachers’ Job Satisfaction?
  Alex Preston Byrd , Ryan G. Anderson , and Thomas H. Paulsen

4 Does the Number of Post-secondary Agricultural Mechanics Courses Completed Affect Teacher Competence?
  Alex Preston Byrd , Ryan G. Anderson , Thomas H. Paulsen , and Matthew J. Shultz

5 Words Speak Louder than Action?: A Mixed-Methods Case Study
  Stacy K. Vincent and Andrea T. Kirby

6 Benefits of Career Development Events as Perceived by School-Based, Agricultural Education Teachers
  Jerrod Lundry , Jon W. Ramsey , M. Craig Edwards , and J. Shane Robinson

7 Paxton Revisited: The Essence of the Lived Experiences of Urban Agricultural Education Students
  Nicholas R. Brown , Richie Roberts, Ashley S. Whiddon, Carmelita E. Goossen, and Amanda Kacal

8 Relevance of Student Teaching Skills and Activities from the Perspective of the Student Teacher
  Scott W. Smalley , Michael S. Retallick , and Thomas H. Paulsen

9 Assessing the Impact of Sequencing Practicums for Welding in Agricultural Mechanics
  Malcolm Rose , Michael L. Pate , Rebecca G. Lawver , Brian K. Warnick and Xin Dai

10 Can Scientific Reasoning Scores Predict the Likelihood of SBAE Students’ Intent to Pursue a STEM Career, a Career in Agriculture, or Plan to Attend College?
  Catherine A. DiBenedetto , R.G. Easterly III , and Brian E. Myers

11 A Nationwide Assessment of the Scope and Impact of Agricultural Leadership Education
  Jonathan J. Velez , Aaron J. McKim , Lori L. Moore , and Carrie A. Stephens

12 Exploring the Relationship between Self-Efficacy and Career Commitment among Early Career Agriculture Teachers
  Aaron J. McKim and Jonathan J. Velez

13 An Exploration of the Formal Agricultural Education System in Trinidad and Tobago
  Sara D. Hurst , Nathan W. Conner , Christopher T. Stripling , Jessica Blythe , Aaron Giorgi , Eric D. Rubenstein , Angel Futrell , Jenny Jenkins , and T. Grady Roberts

14 The Cultural Adaptation Process During a Short-term Study Abroad Experience in Swaziland
  Nathan W. Conner and T. Grady Roberts

15 Preservice Agriculture Teachers’ Perceived Level of Readiness in an Agricultural Mechanics Course
  J. Joey Blackburn , J. Shane Robinson , and Harry Field

16 Beliefs and Attitudes of Secondary Agriculture Teachers About Global Agriculture Issues
  Sara D. Hurst , T. Grady Roberts , and Amy Harder

17 Science Integrating Learning Objectives: A Cooperative Learning Group Process
  Matt Spindler

18 An Instrumental Case Study of Effective Science Integration in a Traditional Agricultural Education Program
  Marshall A. Baker , J. C. Bunch , and Kathleen D. Kelsey