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Volume 56 - Number 2 - 2015
1 Volume 56(2) - Table of Contents
  Barry Croom

2 Conflicts of Time: Examining School Schedules in Secondary Agricultural Programs
  Rebekah B. Epps, Randy J. Adams, and Stacy K. Vincent

3 The Impact of a Capstone Farm Management Course on Critical Thinking Abilities
  Dustin K. Perry, Thomas Paulsen, and Michael S. Retallick

4 Knowledge and Perceptions of Visual Communications Curriculum in Arkansas Secondary Agricultural Classrooms: A Closer Look at Experiential Learning Integrations
  Kristin Pennington, Carley Calico, Leslie D. Edgar, Don W. Edgar, and Donald M. Johnson

5 Fundamental Dimensions and Essential Elements of Exemplary Local Extension Units
  Bryan D. Terry and Edward Osborne

6 Multicultural Competence: A Case Study of Teachers and their Student Perceptions
  Stacy K. Vincent and Robert M. Torres

7 Student Self-Perceptions of Leadership in Two Missouri FFA Chapters: A Collective Case Study
  Rachel Bartholomew Kagay, Adam A. Marx, and Jon C. Simonsen

8 How time allocation impacts teacher efficacy of student teaching interns in agricultural education: A Q-sort Study.
  Sheyenne Krysher, J. Shane Robinson, and M. Craig Edwards

9 Inquiry-based Instruction: Perceptions of National Agriscience Teacher Ambassadors
  Jessica M. Blythe, Catherine A. DiBenedetto, and Brian E. Myers

10 Critical theory view of the National FFA Convention
  Michael J. Martin and Tracy Kitchel

11 Exploring the Effects of Active Learning on High School Students’ Outcomes and Teachers’ Perceptions of Biotechnology and Genetics Instruction
  Ashley L. Mueller , Neil A. Knobloch , and Kathryn S. Orvis

12 Consumers’ Motivations and Dairy Production Beliefs Regarding Participation in an Educational Dairy Farm Event
  Lindsay K. LaFollette , Neil A. Knobloch , Michael M. Schutz , and Colleen M. Brady

13 Professional Development Needs of Beginning Agricultural Education Teachers in Idaho
  Allison J. L. Touchstone

14 Multiple Case Study of STEM in School-based Agricultural Education
  Eric A. Stubbs and Brian E. Myers

15 Perceptions of Critical Thinking, Task Value, Autonomy and Science Lab Self-efficacy: A Longitudinal Examination of Students’ CASE Experience
  Jonathan J. Velez , Misty D. Lambert , and Kristopher M. Elliott

16 Service-Learning’s Ongoing Journey as a Method of Instruction: Implications for School-Based Agricultural Education
  Richie Roberts and M. Craig Edwards