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Volume 55 - Number 4 - 2014
1 Volume 55(4) - Table of Contents
  Barry Croom

2 Novice Agriculture Teachers’ General Self Efficacy and Sense of Community Connectedness Journal of Agricultural Education
  G. Curtis Langley , Michael Martin and Tracy Kitchel

3 “You’ve Always Got Challenges”: Resilience and the Preservice Teacher
  Erica B. Thieman , Adam A. Marx , and Tracy Kitchel

4 Teaching Transformational Leadership to Undergraduate Agricultural Leadership Students: Using the Personality Trait of Agreeableness To Improve Understanding
  Kevan W. Lamm , Hannah S. Carter , Nicole L. P. Stedman , and Alexa J. Lamm

5 An Examination of Usability of a Virtual Environment for Students Enrolled in a College of Agriculture
  Theresa Pesl Murphrey , Tracy A. Rutherford , David L. Doerfert , Leslie D. Edgar , and Don W. Edgar

6 Determining the Science, Agriculture and Natural Resource, and Youth Leadership Outcomes for Students Participating in an Innovative Middle School Agriscience Program
  Peter Skelton, Kristin S. Stair, Tom Dormody, and Dawn Vanleeuwen

7 Perceived Self-Efficacy of Preservice Agriculture Teachers toward Specific SAE Competencies
  Eric D. Rubenstein, Andrew C. Thoron, and Christopher M. Estepp

8 A Comparison and Analysis of Preservice Teachers’ Oral and Written Reflections
  Misty D. Lambert, Tyson J. Sorensen, and Kristopher M. Elliott

9 What are the teachers’ experiences when implementing the Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education?
  Misty D. Lambert, Jonathan J. Velez and Kristopher M. Elliott

10 Perceived Work-Life Balance Ability, Job Satisfaction, and Professional Commitment among Agriculture Teachers
  Tyson J. Sorensen and Aaron J. McKim

11 How Cognitive Style and Problem Complexity Affect Preservice Agricultural Education Teachers’ Abilities to Solve Problems in Agricultural Mechanics
  J. Joey Blackburn, J. Shane Robinson, and Alexa J. Lamm

12 Learning Activities Utilized and Readiness for the Student Teaching Internship
  Christopher T. Stripling, Andrew C. Thoron, and Christopher M. Estepp

13 Teaching Introductory Life Science Courses in Colleges of Agriculture: Faculty Experiences
  Mark Balschweid, Neil A. Knobloch, and Bryan J. Hains

14 Enhancing the Capacity to Create Behavior Change: Extension Key Leaders’ Opinions about Social Marketing and Evaluation
  Laura A. Warner

15 Accessibility and Usage of Technology by North Carolina Agriculture Teachers
  Maegen R. Williams, Wendy J. Warner, James L. Flowers, and D. Barry Croom

16 Volume 55(4) - Complete Issue
  Barry Croom