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Volume 55 - Number 5 - 2014
1 Volume 55(5) - Table of Contents
  Barry Croom

2 Reviewers for Volume 55
  Barry Croom

3 Teaching with Technology: North Carolina Agriculture Teachers’ Knowledge Acquisition, Attitudes, and Identified Barriers
  Maegen R. Williams, Wendy J. Warner, James L. Flowers, and D. Barry Croom

4 Encouraging Teacher Change within the Realities of School-based Agricultural Education: Lessons from Teachers’ Initial Use of Socioscientific Issues-based Instruction
  Amie K. Wilcox, Catherine W. Shoulders, and Brian E. Myers

5 Reporting and Interpreting Scores Derived from Likert-type Scales
  J. Robert Warmbrod

6 Mathematics Efficacy and Professional Development Needs of Wyoming Agricultural Education Teachers
  J. Chris Haynes and Christopher T. Stripling

7 Examining Student Perceptions of Flipping an Agricultural Teaching Methods Course
  Nathan W. Conner, Eric D. Rubenstein, Cathy A. DiBenedetto, Christopher T. Stripling, T. Grady Roberts, and Nicole L. P. Stedman

8 Use of Citations within Manuscripts Published by the Journal of Agricultural Education
  Hanna E. Estes, Bryan W. Zimmerman, Catherine W. Shoulders, and Donald M. Johnson

9 Effects of Agricultural Sales CDE Modules on Content Knowledge and Argumentation Skill
  Sarah Burleson Sapp and Andrew C. Thoron

10 Exploring the Disconnect Between Mathematics Ability and Mathematics Efficacy Among Preservice Agricultural Education Teachers
  Alyssa C. Hilby, Christopher T. Stripling, and Carrie A. Stephens

11 Influence of FFA Activities on Critical Thinking Skills in Texas Three-Star FFA Chapters
  Lindsey Latham, John Rayfield, and Lori L. Moore

12 Examining Oregon Agriculture Teachers’ Professional Development Needs by Career Phase
  Tyson J. Sorensen, Misty D. Lambert, and Aaron J. McKim

13 Attracting Youth to Agriculture: The Career Interests of Young Farmers Club Members in Uganda
  Stephen C. Mukembo, M. Craig Edwards, Jon W. Ramsey, and Shida R. Henneberry

14 Urban FFA Members’ Sense of the Organizational Culture of the FFA
  Michael J. Martin and Tracy Kitchel

15 A Cross-Case Comparison of the Academic Integration Human Capital Pre-service Agricultural Educators Retain Prior to Their Teaching Internship
  J. Chris Haynes, Bart E. Gill, Steven Boot Chumbley, and Timothy F. Slater

16 A Critical Thinking Benchmark for a Department of Agricultural Education and Studies
  Dustin K. Perry, Michael S. Retallick, and Thomas H. Paulsen

17 An Assessment of the Needs of Middle School Agricultural Education Instructors in Georgia
  M. Elizabeth Golden, Brian Parr, and Jason Peake

18 Volume 55(5) - Complete Issue
  Barry Croom