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Volume 56 - Number 4 - 2015
1 Table of Contents
  Barry Croom

2 Reviewers for Volume 56
  Barry Croom

3 Achieving Next Generation Science Standards Through Agricultural Contexts: A Delphi Study of Outdoor Education Experts
  Anthony Meals and Shannon Washburn

4 Factors Contributing to Attrition as Reported by Leavers of Secondary Agriculture Programs
  Laura L. Lemons , M. Todd Brashears , Scott Burris , Courtney Meyers , and Margaret A. Price

5 Career and Family Balance of Texas Agricultural Science Teachers by Gender
  Mark S. Hainline , Jonathan D. Ulmer , Rudy R. Ritz , Scott Burris , and Courtney D. Gibson

6 In-service Training Needs of Agriculture Teachers for Preparing Them to Be Effective in the 21st Century
  R. Jason Davis and K. S. U. Jayaratne

7 The Effect of Strategic Message Selection on Residents’ Intent to Conserve Water in the Landscape
  Laura A. Warner , Joy Rumble , Emmett Martin , Alexa J. Lamm , and Randall Cantrell

8 Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs: An Examination of Committed Teachers and Student-Centered Programs
  Eric D. Rubenstein and Andrew C. Thoron

9 An Analysis of Adolescents’ Science Interest and Competence in Programs with and without a Competitive Component
  Janet Fox and Melissa Cater

10 A Measure of Students’ Motivation to Learn Science through Agricultural STEM Emphasis
  Steven Boot Chumbley, J. Chris Haynes, and Kathryn A. Stofer

11 Cooperating Teachers’ Perspectives of Student Teaching Skills and Activities
  Scott W. Smalley, Michael S. Retallick, and Thomas H. Paulsen

12 Factors Impacting Members Decision to Continue FFA Beyond High School
  Danielle E. Sanok, Christopher T. Stripling, Carrie A. Stephens, and Andrew P. Griffith

13 The Relationship between Agriculture Knowledge Bases for Teaching and Sources of Knowledge
  Amber H. Rice and Tracy Kitchel

14 The Infusion of Inquiry-based Learning into School-based Agricultural Education: A Review of Literature
  Trent Wells, Jennifer Matthews, Lawrence Caudle, Casey Lunceford, Brian Clement, and Ryan Anderson

15 Effective Practices in STEM Integration: Describing Teacher Perceptions and Instructional Method Use
  Kasee L. Smith, John Rayfield, and Billy R. McKim