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Volume 55 - Number 2 - 2014
1 Volume 55(2) - Table of Contents
  Barry Croom

2 Louisiana Secondary Agricultural Educators’ Perceptions of an International Experience toward Their Teaching Career
  Shelli Danjean , Carli McClure , J.C. Bunch , Joe W. Kotrlik , and Krisanna Machtmes

3 A Comparison of Student Engaged Time in Agriculture Instruction
  Phillip A. Witt , Jonathan D. Ulmer , Scott Burris , Todd Brashears , and Hansel Burley

4 Climbing the Steps Toward a Successful Cooperating Teacher/Student Teacher Mentoring Relationship
  Cameron K. Jones , Kathleen D. Kelsey , and Nicholas R. Brown

5 Importance and Capability of Teaching Agricultural Mechanics as Perceived by Secondary Agricultural Educators
  Matthew J. Shultz , Ryan G. Anderson , Alyx M. Shultz , and Thomas H. Paulsen

6 Flipping an Agricultural Education Teaching Methods Course
  Nathan W. Conner , Christopher T. Stripling , Jessica M. Blythe , T. Grady Roberts , and Nicole L.P. Stedman

7 Economic Impacts and Program Involvement in Agricultural Mechanics Competition Projects in TexasEconomic Impacts and Program Involvement in Agricultural Mechanics Competition Projects in Texas
  Roger D. Hanagriff , John Rayfield , Gary Briers , and Tim Murphy

8 Opinion Leadership Development: Context And Audience Characteristics Count
  Kevan W. Lamm , Alexa J. Lamm , and Hannah S. Carter

9 Determining the Effects that the Order of Abstraction and Type of Reflection have on Content Knowledge When Teaching Experientially: An Exploratory Experiment
  Marshall A. Baker , Nicholas R. Brown , J. Joey Blackburn , and J. Shane Robinson

10 Measuring Florida Extension Faculty's Agricultural Paradigmatic Preferences
  Laura A. Warner , Theresa Pesl Murphrey , David E. Lawver , Matt Baker , and James R. Lindner

11 Supervision of Agricultural Educators in Secondary Schools: What Do Teachers Want From Their Principals?
  Thomas H. Paulsen and Robert A. Martin

12 First Generation College Students: Motivations and Support Systems
  Erica Irlbeck , Shylo Adams , Cindy Akers , Scott Burris , and Stephanie Jones

13 Educating the Future of Agriculture: A Focus Group Analysis of the Programming Needs and Preferences of Montana Young and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
  Nikki E. Bailey , Shannon K. Arnold , and Carl G. Igo

14 Laboratory Safety Needs of Kentucky School-Based Agricultural Mechanics Teachers
  P. Ryan Saucier , Stacy K. Vincent , and Ryan G. Anderson

15 Understanding Students as Followers: Discovering the Influence of Followership Style on Self-Directed Learning
  Robert Strong and Jen Williams

16 Secondary Agricultural Education Program and Human Influences on Career Decision Self-Efficacy
  Adam A. Marx , Jon C. Simonsen , and Tracy Kitchel

17 Volume 55(2) - Complete Issue
  Barry Croom