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Volume 55 - Number 1- 2014
1 Volume 55(1) - Table of Contents
  D. Barry Croom

2 Letter of Correction
  D. Barry Croom

3 Walking with Giants
  George W. Wardlow

4 Examining Camper Learning Outcomes and Knowledge Retention at Oklahoma FFA Leadership Camp
  Nicholas R. Brown , Robert Terry, Jr. and Kathleen D. Kelsey

5 Mathematical Strengths and Weaknesses of Preservice Agricultural Education Teachers
  Christopher T. Stripling , T. Grady Roberts , and Carrie A. Stephens

6 Developing Attitudinal Metrics for Induction-Year Agricultural Education Teachers
  John Rayfield , Billy R. McKim , Shannon Lawrence and Kristin Stair

7 Preparing Agricultural Educators For The World: Describing Global Competency In Agricultural Teacher Candidates
  Daniel D. Foster , Laura L. Sankey Rice , Melanie J. Foster , and R. Kirby Barrick

8 Students’ Perceptions of Agriscience when Taught Through Inquiry-Based Instruction
  Andrew C. Thoron , and Sarah E. Burleson

9 Coping Mechanisms Utah Agriculture Teachers Use to Manage Teaching Related Stress
  Rebecca G. Lawver and Kasee L. Smith

10 Louisiana Extension Educators’ Perceptions of the Benefit and Relevance of Participating in an International Extension Experience toward Their Career
  Carli McClure , Shelli Danjean , J.C. Bunch , Krisanna Machtmes , and Joe W. Kotrlik

11 Student Apathy As Defined By Secondary Agricultural Education Students
  Ann M. De Lay and Benjamin G. Swan

12 Barriers to Participation in the National FFA Organization According to Urban Agriculture Students
  Michael J. Martin and Tracy Kitchel

13 Profiling the Youth Leader: Personality and Emotional Intelligence Trends and Their Relationship to Leadership Skills
  L.J. McElravy and Lindsay J. Hastings

14 The Evaluation of Multicultural Teaching Concerns among Pre-service Teachers in the South
  Stacy K. Vincent , Andrea T. Kirby , Jacque P. Deeds , and Paula E. Faulkner

15 Effective Professional Development in Agriscience Education: An Examination of Core Features
  Catherine W. Shoulders and Brian E. Myers

16 Quantitative Theoretical and Conceptual Framework Use in Agricultural Education Research
  Tracy Kitchel and Anna L. Ball

17 A Multi-Institutional Examination of the Relationships Between High School Activity Involvement and Leadership Characteristics
  Jon C. Simonsen , Jonathan J. Velez , Ryan M. Foor , Robert J. Birkenholz ,Daniel D. Foster , Kattlyn J. Wolf , And Rebekah B. Epps

18 Volume 55(1) - Complete Issue
  Barry Croom