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Volume 55 - Number 3 - 2014
1 Volume 55(3) - Table of Contents
  Barry Croom

2 Effects of Mathematics Integration in a Teaching Methods Course on Mathematics Ability of Preservice Agricultural Education Teachers
  Christopher T. Stripling and T. Grady Roberts

3 Extension Youth Educators’ Technology Use in Youth Development Programming
  Carli McClure , Brittany Buquoi , Joe W. Kotrlik , Krisanna Machtmes and J.C. Bunch

4 Examining the Blogging Habits of Agricultural Leadership Students: Understanding Motivation, Use, and Self-efficacy
  Kalee M. Bumguardner , Robert Strong , Theresa Pesl Murphrey , and Larry M. Dooley

5 The Thornless Rose: A Phenomenological Look at Decisions Career Teachers Make to Remain in the Profession
  Mindi S. Clark , Kathleen D. Kelsey , and Nicholas R. Brown

6 How a Serious Digital Game Affected Students’ Animal Science and Mathematical Competence in Agricultural Education
  J. C. Bunch , J. Shane Robinson , M. Craig Edwards , and Pavlo D. Antonenko

7 Evaluating Extension-Based Adult Education for Agricultural Labor Supervisors
  Maria C. Morera , Paul F. Monaghan , Sebastian Galindo-Gonzalez , J. Antonio Tovar-Aguilar , Fritz M. Roka , and Cesar Asuaje

8 Agricultural Education in an Urban Charter School: Perspectives and Challenges
  Kesha A. Henry , Brian Allen Talbert , and Pamala V. Morris

9 Investigating the Linkage between Intrinsic Motivation and Project Team Satisfaction in Undergraduate Agricultural Leadership Students
  Kevan W. Lamm , Hannah S. Carter , and Marcus W. Melendez

10 Level of Agricultural Education Advisory Council Implementation in Idaho Secondary Agricultural Education Programs
  Douglas T. Masser , Jeremy M. Falk , and Daniel D. Foster

11 An Analysis of K-12 Teachers’ Conceptions of Agriculture Prior to and During Engagement in an Agricultural Literacy Program
  Shawn M. Anderson , Jonathan J. Velez , and Gregory W. Thompson

12 Analyzing Moir’s Curve: A Quantitative Look at Attitudinal Changes in Induction-Year Agricultural Educators
  John Rayfield , Billy R. McKim , Kasee L. Smith , and Shannon G. Lawrence

13 Successful Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs as Defined by American FFA Degree Star Finalists
  Eric D. Rubenstein and Andrew C. Thoron

14 Volume 55(3) - Complete Issue
  Barry Croom