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Volume 56 - Number 3 - 2015
1 Volume 56(3) - Table of Contents
  Barry Croom

2 Perceptions of Agriculture Teachers Regarding Education about Biomass Production in Iowa
  Guang Han and Robert A. Martin

3 Intentions of Young Farmers Club (YFC) Members to Pursue Career Preparation in Agriculture: The Case of Uganda
  Stephen C. Mukembo, M. Craig Edwards, Jon W. Ramsey and Shida R. Henneberry

4 Technology Usage of Tennessee Agriculture Teachers
  Michael D. Coley , Wendy J. Warner , Kristin S. Stair , James L. Flowers , and D. Barry Croom

5 Innovative Classroom Strategies that Prepare College Graduates for Workplace Success
  Richard J. Rateau , Eric K. Kaufman , and D. Adam Cletzer

6 Gendering Agricultural Education: A Study of Historical Pictures of Women in the Agricultural Education Magazine
  Kellie J. Enns and Michael J. Martin

7 Preservice Agricultural Education Teachers' Experiences in and Anticipation of Content Knowledge Preparation
  Amber H. Rice and Tracy Kitchel

8 Youth-driven Youth–Adult Partnerships: A Phenomenological Exploration of Agricultural Education Teachers' Experiences
  Jennifer M. Watson , Joan M. Mazur , and Stacy K. Vincent

9 Peer Review in Agricultural Education: Interrater Reliability of Manuscript Reviews for the 2014 National Agricultural Education Research Conference
  Catherine W. Shoulders , Donald M. Johnson , and Jim Flowers

10 Examining the Common Core State Standards in Agricultural Education
  Aaron J. McKim , Misty D. Lambert , Tyson J. Sorensen , and Jonathan J. Velez

11 Bridging Water Issue Knowledge Gaps Between the General Public and Opinion Leaders
  Kevan W. Lamm , Alexa J. Lamm and Hannah S. Carter

12 Advising an Urban FFA Chapter: A Narrative of Two Urban FFA Advisors
  Michael J. Martin and Tracy Kitchel

13 Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Leadership Education and the Development of Agricultural Innovators
  Matthew M. Mars

14 Determining the Effects of Reflection Type and Cognitive Style on Students' Content Knowledge
  J. Joey Blackburn , J. Shane Robinson , and Amanda Kacal

15 Concerns Expressed by Agricultural Education Preservice Teachers in a Twitter-Based Electronic Community of Practice
  Thomas H. Paulsen , Ryan G. Anderson , and Jaclyn F. Tweeten

16 Examining Year-long Leadership Gains in FFA Members by Prior FFA Involvement, Class Year, and Gender
  David Rosch , Jon C. Simonsen , and Jonathan J. Velez